18 years in prison for the drunk driver who caused C-470 crash

GOLDEN, Colo. (Jun. 6, 2023) – Jason Sharrett was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Friday for the multi-vehicle collisions he caused on Sep. 28, 2022, during the rush hour commute on C-470. Multiple police agencies responded after Sharrett hit ten different vehicles in a continuous event of collisions and crimes, causing massive vehicle damage and serious bodily injuries. Friday’s conviction is Sharrett’s fifth DUI/DWAI.  

On Sep. 28, 2022, multiple 911 calls were received regarding a GMC Yukon driving on the shoulder of C-470, swerving in and out of lanes, sideswiping, and intentionally ramming cars at speeds over 70mph in rush hour traffic. Sharrett’s vehicle eventually crashed into another SUV and rolled over near C-470 and W Alameda Pkwy. The driver of one vehicle suffered serious bodily injuries, while others suffered only minor injuries. Sharrett himself suffered serious injuries.

It was later determined that Sharrett’s BAC was .372, and he was also under the influence of heroin and fentanyl. At the time of the crash, Sharrett had four prior DWAI/DUI convictions and was on parole for felony DUI.

On May 2, 2023, Sharrett pled guilty to DUI 4th (F4) and Aggravated Vehicular Assault (F5) and, as a result, faced 4-18 years in prison.

At sentencing on Friday, Chief Deputy District Attorney Chandler Grant requested the maximum sentence of 18 years in prison, citing evidence of Sharrett’s long history of missed opportunities and revocations. The First Judicial District Court ultimately agreed and sentenced Sharrett to 12 years for the DUI 4th charge and six years for the Aggravated Vehicular Assault charge, to be served consecutively. As a result, Sharrett will spend 18 years in the Department of Corrections.

“Despite being offered multiple opportunities to participate in programs aimed at maintaining sobriety, Mr. Sharrett repeatedly chose to drink and drive, putting the community at risk,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Chandler Grant. “For his actions on that day and over the last thirty years, we believe this sentence is appropriate and reflects the danger he poses to the community.”