Conviction Integrity

case reviews for innocence & inequity

Our first-of-its-kind Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) proactively identifies miscarriages of justice and pursues action to remedy identifiable cases of innocence or inequitable sentencing. This promotes accountability and community trust through transparency.

The work of CIU is two-fold:

  • Identifies cases of “actual innocence” to seek exoneration
  • Identifies past sentences that are disproportionate and unfair to seek the reduction of those sentences

CIU does not review cases where the accused merely disagrees with the outcome of the case. Applicants are requested to submit a form for thorough review by the director of the CIU and a DA investigator, in collaboration with defense counsel. 

Please send completed applications electronically to [email protected] or to this mailing address

Conviction Integrity Unit
500 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80401

Please be advised that this inbox is not consistently monitored. Submissions are reviewed in the sequence in which they are received. The CIU does not facilitate record requests, and such submissions will not be honored. For all record requests, please refer to the records section of the Contact Us page or call 303-271-6800 for further guidance.