Reclaiming your losses

Restitution in criminal cases is court-ordered payment from a person convicted of a crime to the victim(s) they harmed for their out-of-pocket losses.


The First Judicial District Attorney’s Office provides assistance to victims by screening their cases for monetary losses. If a case qualifies for restitution, the process below is followed:

  • Our office sends a letter and an Affidavit of Loss to the victim
  • The victim must complete the paperwork and return it to our office by the sentencing hearing
  • A Motion and Order for Restitution is issued
  • The motion is reviewed by a judge who upon conviction will make a determination at sentencing

Once restitution is ordered, the Colorado Judicial Branch is responsible for collecting the money from perpetrators and disbursing it to victims. For more information, please see the Colorado Judicial Branch Restitution Self-Help page.

If you have a question regarding restitution before it has been ordered, please call our office at 303-271-6842.