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We pursue evidence-based alternatives to traditional prosecution that address the underlying causes for criminal behavior through appropriate supervision, rehabilitation and education.

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Launching in 2022, Pathways is the First Judicial District’s new diversion program that connects individuals who have committed low-level, non-violent crimes with the resources, treatment, and social support needed to address the underlying causes of their criminal behavior. Unlike the previous Adult Diversion Program, Pathways now also diverts defendants into programming before charges are filed and before they become part of the criminal justice system.

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Pathways for Youth Programs

In addition to the four diversion programs for adults, the First Judicial DA’s Office has three unique programs that are specifically tailored to youth, ages 10-17, engaging in criminal behavior. Learn more about these programs on our Juvenile Justice page.

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Problem-Solving Courts

Offering an effective alternative to incarceration and the traditional criminal justice process, problem-solving courts use collaborative and innovative approaches to addressing the root causes of adult criminal behavior, including – addiction, mental health and combat-related issues specific to U.S. military veterans. Participants are sentenced to two years of probation and enrollment in a program.

Drug Recovery Court

This program reduces individual and community harm by promoting rehabilitation through treatment, accountability and enhanced supervision. The court is available to high-risk and high-need adults who are eligible for probation on non-violent, felony offenses and meet clinical diagnostic criteria for substance dependence.

Mental Health Court

Criminal justice stakeholders in the First Judicial District partnered with the Jefferson Center to develop this court for high-risk and high-need adults that addresses mental health treatment while providing closely-monitored supervision, housing and focused treatment. Individuals who have been previously unsuccessful with probation supervision can be referred to the court by the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, probation officers, mental health professionals and judges.

Veterans Treatment Court

Designed to provide an alternative to incarceration for U.S. military veterans suffering from combat-related trauma, the court provides individual treatment plans to help individuals overcome post-traumatic stress, other mental health issues, substance abuse and traumatic brain injuries related to their service. The project is a collaboration between the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, law enforcement, the courts, probation, defense attorneys, community-based treatment providers, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Since its debut in August 2021, the Fresh Start program has provided an avenue for people with active warrants for non-violent, low-level misdemeanor and traffic charges to get back on track without having to be arrested.

Modeled after the successful initiative in Colorado’s 20th Judicial District (Boulder), Fresh Start is a collaboration between the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the courts and numerous government and community stakeholders. The recurring event offers individuals an opportunity to take accountability and/or re-engage with the criminal justice system in their case while saving taxpayer dollars and law enforcement resources.

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