Economic Crimes

Expertise on complex crimes

The Economic Crime Unit (ECU) is a specialized team that provides expertise on complex financial crimes, organized crime and cases involving fraud and identity theft. 

Economic Crimes Unit (ECU)

The First Judicial District Attorney’s Office Economic Crimes Unit handles complex white-collar cases that are filed directly with the courts or investigated through the grand jury process. In these cases, the unit is frequently involved in both the investigation and the prosecution phases of the process. The unit works closely with the local law enforcement agencies in Gilpin and Jefferson counties, other Denver Metro area and state law enforcement agencies, and federal investigators when appropriate. Most of the primary investigations are conducted by local law enforcement agencies who are sometimes assisted by an ECU investigator.

These ECU cases include:

  • Complex Employee Embezzlements
  • Insurance, Construction and Securities Fraud
  • Organized Identity Theft & Retail Crime Rings
  • Computer Crime
  • Bank Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Public Corruption