Victim Compensation

Direct Financial Support for Victims

The Crime Victim Compensation (CVC) program provides financial assistance to victims of violent crime. CVC can help with a variety of costs associated with the aftermath of a crime, which can sometimes include medical and dental care, mental health support, loss of income, crime scene cleaning services, and burial expenses.


Eligible victims must sustain physical or psychological injury, or suffer residential property damage as a result of the crime. Family members of victims who are killed in the commission of the crime are also eligible.

The following requirements must also be met for eligibility:

  • Crime occurred in Jefferson or Gilpin County*
  • Crime must be reported within 72 hours of its occurrence
  • Injury or death wasn’t caused by the victim’s wrong-doing
  • Victim must cooperate with law enforcement officials
  • Victimization occurred on or after July 1, 1982

Applications must be submitted within one year from the date of the crime and within six months for residential damage claims.

*Residents of Gilpin or Jefferson County are also eligible if a crime occurs in another state or country without a crime victim compensation program.

Crime Victim Compensation Board

Due to the on-going response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the First Judicial District’s CVC Program Board meeting locations are determined on a month-to-month basis. Decisions are based on current CDH guidelines for the health and safety of the participants. Meetings may be held virtually via Microsoft Teams and/or in-person on a limited basis. 

If you are interested in attending a CVC Board meeting, please contact the CVC Program Administrator at [email protected] to be included either virtually or in-person as an attendee.

For a list of upcoming CVC Board Meetings, check out our Events Calendar.

Mental Health Professionals

If you are a mental health professional that is interested in working with the First Judicial District CVC program, please see the resources linked below: