Former Officer Nathan Geerdes Sentenced

GOLDEN, Colo. (Apr. 2, 2024)—After pleading guilty earlier this year, Former officer Nathan Geerdes was sentenced to four years probation for the crimes he committed between 2019 and 2021. As a result of his convictions, Geerdes lost his POST certification and can never work in law enforcement again.

Geerdes, a former Edgewater Police Department (EPD) sergeant and most recently an officer for the Black Hawk Police Department (BHPD), initially faced four counts of unlawful sexual contact and one count of retaliation against a witness after a year-long Grand Jury investigation led to his indictment in December 2022. The Black Hawk Police Department fired Geerdes as a result of the accusations against him. See the original press release concerning the indictment here: Press Release.

In June of 2023, based on information gathered during the investigation and a direct complaint from BHPD Chief Michelle Moriarty, Geerdes was charged with five counts of Attempt to Influence a Public Servant (F4) and five counts of Forgery (F5) related to false information he provided to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Arvada Police Department, RTD Transit Police Department, Dacono Police Department, and the Black Hawk Police Department. See the original press release concerning the forgery case here: Press Release.

On Jan. 23, 2024, Geerdes pled guilty to the following:

    • Sentence: 4 years probation with sex offender treatment
    • Sentence: 3 days in jail with credit for time served
    • Sentence: 4 years concurrent probation to count 6

As a result of his plea, Geerdes faced 1-3 years in prison for Forgery and up to 120 days in jail for First Degree Official Misconduct. For the Unlawful Sexual Contact, the parties stipulated to a deferred judgment and sentence (DJS) supervised by probation for a period of four years, in addition to special terms and conditions for the Supervision of Adult Sex Offenders. Geerdes will also be required to register as a sex offender for the duration of the four years. Further, the sex offense will not be sealable upon completion of the probationary period. Should he violate the terms of his probation, he will face up to 24 months in jail for the Unlawful Sexual Contact, and up to 3 years in prison for Forgery.

At yesterday’s sentencing, the court heard from multiple individuals, including Geerdes’ wife, friends, and colleagues, who addressed the court or wrote letters advocating for him, highlighting his work as a law enforcement officer, counselor to individuals with disabilities, and his role as a family man.

The court also heard from two of Geerdes’ former victims. A former female officer who left the Edgewater Police Department in 2014 told the court about having to resign after she reported the sexual harassment involving Geerdes and other officers. “You hunted, you preyed, you abused, and used your authority and your position to get away with what we were supposed to protect against,” further expressing regret for not coming forward when it happened. “He doesn’t deserve to wear the badge,” she told the court.

“The people’s primary concerns in this case when considering a just outcome was that the defendant should never work in law enforcement again, and he won’t; should have a felony conviction, and he does; and he ought to plead guilty to a sexual offense, and he did; however, the people assumed the defendant would have an iota of remorse, and he, unfortunately, does not,” said Deputy District Attorney Brynn Chase. “We’re not talking about “a” person who accused him of something; we’re talking about people, and we’re talking about a community that deserves to have the defendant held accountable for what he did to that community and for what he did to that badge that he no longer gets to wear by virtue of this plea.”

Geerdes did not address the court.

Before imposing his sentence, First Judicial District Judge Christopher Rhamey addressed Geerdes directly:

“Sir, you are the problem. You are the person that law enforcement talks about when they say ‘a few bad apples’… you are the one creating the circumstances that your colleagues live with on a daily basis. It’s you. You are the person that you guys sat around and talked about as people who are making life so hard for your former colleagues. You are the reason we see investigations into law enforcement… It’s the right thing that you lose your POST certification, and it’s right that you are not in law enforcement.”

Judge Rhamey accepted the terms of the plea and sentenced Geerdes to four years of probation on count eight, to be served concurrently with the four years of probation on count 6, and three days in jail with credit for three days served on count 7. He ordered restitution be paid and all terms and conditions agreed upon as part of the Supervision of Adult Sex Offenders.