Employment Opportunities

Make a Difference. Be Innovative. Join our Community.

We are committed to creating a safe and healthy community for all by defending public safety and seeking justice while upholding the values of equity, transparency, and accountability.

Modern Prosecutors

We are constantly striving to find more equitable solutions that replace traditional methods with broader and more varied ideas and practices regarding just and effective dispositions. Within the Colorado legal community, we are proud leaders in conviction integrity, data transparency, and equity initiatives.


We have a strong mentorship program that develops new attorneys in a way that prepares them for any legal avenue they choose. Experienced attorneys take pride in this program and strive to provide new prosecutors with the necessary resources, training, and mentorship to help them achieve their goals and become successful attorneys.

It's Fun in the First!

From friendly competitions to free parking and mental health resources, to the food trucks and cook-offs, the best perk of working here is the administration’s commitment to our happiness and mental health. Not to mention the bonus of bringing your dog to work!

Vision Statement

A safe and healthy community for everyone.


To reduce harm and achieve justice by:

  • Effectively and ethically holding people who victimize others accountable
  • Implementing innovative, evidence-based programs
  • Protecting the rights of victims
  • Building relationships through community partnership
  • Enhancing transparency


In every action we take and every decision we make, we prioritize above all else:

  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Public Safety
  • Transparency
  • Victim Rights

First Judicial District Internship Opportunities

We offer a range of opportunities that allow you to experience various aspects of criminal prosecution. Whether you're a law student seeking paid, unpaid, or for-credit internships or an undergraduate student searching for entry-level legal experience, we've got you covered.

Choose your desired internship experience and gain valuable skills, knowledge, and connections!

Law students who have completed their 1L or 2L years are able to participate in the appellate internship program at the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Our appellate interns work closely with our appeals unit to research issues impacting cases throughout our office and draft legal research memos, answer briefs for appellate cases, and postconviction responses. Appellate interns are highly encouraged to observe court proceedings, including motions hearings and jury trials. The appellate internship is an excellent way to become familiar with how a district attorney’s office functions and develop legal research and writing skills while working on cases that have a real impact on our community. 
Law students in their 1L, 2L, or 3L years are able to participate in the district court internship program at the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office. District court interns collaborate with deputy district attorneys that prosecute felony cases, including homicide and attempted homicide, assaults involving deadly weapons or serious bodily injury, distribution of controlled substances, arson, sexual assault and domestic violence cases, and much more. District court interns accompany district court deputy district attorneys to court hearings, help select and prepare exhibits for hearings, conduct legal research on case specific issues, draft motions, and attend training on issues relevant to the just and equitable prosecution of felony cases. District Court interns may spend portions of their internships with our specialty units, including our juvenile unit, our special victims unit, and our economic crimes unit.
Law students that have completed their 2L year and are eligible to practice under the Student Practice Act are able to participate in the county court practice internship at the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Interns participating in the county court practice internship appear in county court and work alongside deputy district attorneys to prosecute misdemeanor and traffic offenses. County court practice interns engage in plea negotiations with both represented and unrepresented parties, make sentencing arguments to presiding county court judges, conduct motions hearings, and represent the people of Colorado in bench and jury trials. Our county court practice internship is ideal for law students that want to gain hands on experience practicing criminal law with the guidance of experienced attorneys.
Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program with a demonstrated interest in pursuing a subsequent law degree are eligible to participate in our undergraduate internship program.  Interns may assist deputy district attorneys in case evaluation by analyzing body worn cameras from law enforcement officers, reviewing jail calls and letters of defendants, attending court proceedings, and providing their perspectives to prosecuting attorneys.  Interns will gain exposure to multiple facets of prosecution, learn how attorneys ethically exercise prosecutorial discretion, and develop research skills.