Man Sentenced for Kidnapping Hikers at Gunpoint in Fehringer Ranch Park

GOLDEN, Colo. (Feb. 28, 2024) – Kerry Endsley was sentenced to 35 years in prison today for kidnapping two hikers at gunpoint and holding them hostage in the summer of 2022. Earlier this year, Endsley pleaded guilty to one count of Attempted First Degree Murder, one count of Criminal Attempt to Commit Disarming a Police Officer, and one Crime of Violence Sentencing Enhancer. He was also resentenced today regarding a prior domestic violence Harassment charge. As a result of his plea, the parties stipulated to 35 years in the Department of Corrections.

Today, nearly two years after they were held at gunpoint, the victims had the opportunity to address how Endsley’s actions have affected their lives. The female victim, who was previously acquainted with Endsley and does not wish to be named, explained the constant fear and anxiety she has dealt with since that day. She has since relocated her family to another state and started over. In her letter to the court, she stated, “I hope that I can be a strong voice to create more awareness and hope for others while they face their fears and navigate through their recovery and trauma experiences.” The victim went on to thank the hiker who witnessed the entire encounter and called 911; she believes it saved their lives.

On Jun. 17, 2022, during an early morning run at Fehringer Ranch Park, the victims passed a male dressed in all blue, kneeling on the path. As they passed him, Endsley, disguised in a fake mustache and a FedEx hat and sunglasses, pulled a firearm and pointed it at them, yelling that he was going to kill them. Endsley had them get on their knees, put their heads forward, and put a dog leash around the female’s neck and then directed them at gunpoint to walk to the middle of a field, stating they would die that day.

The female, who eventually recognized Endsley by the watch he was wearing, was able to distract Endsley while her husband grabbed Endsley’s gun. The couple then ran in opposite directions as Endsley continued to threaten them.

A runner who witnessed the encounter was able to call 911 and narrate what was happening in real-time. When the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived and confronted Endsley, Endsley charged him and pulled something from his pocket, causing the Deputy to fire his duty weapon. The object pulled from Endsley’s pocket turned out to be a stun gun that he sparked behind his leg. Endsley continued to approach the Deputy, and another Deputy arrived and tased Endsley.

Upon a search, in addition to the items mentioned above, Endsley was in possession of a stun gun, pepper spray, and a key fob to his GMC Yukon Denali. The search of Endsley’s vehicle uncovered a frightening scene, with a mattress, blankets, tarps, multiple restraints, power tools/drills, leashes, collars, rope, knives, ammunition, another stun gun, duct tape, handcuff keys, a FedEx hat, a FedEx sweatshirt, a hatchet, and an extra loaded magazine.

Endsley alleged he was having a heart attack and was transported to the hospital. While there, he motioned to a Deputy as if he was struggling to get his legs onto the hospital bed and asked the Deputy for help. Endsley then lunged at him, reached for the Deputy’s gun, and punched the Deputy in the forehead.

On Jan. 22, 2024, Endsley pled guilty to one count of Attempted Murder in the First Degree as a Crime of Violence (F2) and one count of Attempted Disarming of a Peace Officer (F6).  The parties stipulated to a prison sentence of 35 years with no credit for time served, which the judge imposed today.  Endsley was also resentenced for his 2021 Harassment case, and the court imposed 6 months of jail with credit for time served.