information on your case

Discovery is the general process of a defendant obtaining information possessed by the District Attorney’s Office regarding a defendant’s case, including documents, video, audio, reports, and other materials under Rule 16 of the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure. 

Obtaining Discovery

All discovery will be provided upon defense eFiling an Entry of Appearance with the courts and it being accepted. The District Attorney’s office is typically notified within seven business days of the court having accepted the entry of appearance. If an Entry of Appearance has not been properly filed, with the courts and our office, a request for discovery will not be processed.

If you have questions regarding these policies, please contact the Discovery Office at 303-271-6808.

Attorneys of Record

Discovery can only be obtained through the statewide eDiscovery portal. There is an option of either picking up the evidentiary media (local pick-up notification) from our office or sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to be mailed.

Defendants Representing Themselves

To submit a request, please call the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office Discovery Department at 303-271-6808. Discovery must be picked up in-person with a government-issued ID.

Criminal Justice Records Requests

Criminal Justice Records Act Requests from interested parties in a case are also handled by the Discovery Unit. To submit a request for criminal justice records, please visit our Contact Us page and select the “Records Request” tab.